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Colorado State Correctional Youth Security Officer I - Zebulon Pike Youth Services in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Correctional Youth Security Officer I - Zebulon Pike Youth Services

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Correctional Youth Security Officer I - Zebulon Pike Youth Services


$2,104.62 Biweekly


Colorado Springs, CO

Job Type

Full Time

Job Number

IKA 00847 11/20/23


Colorado Department of Human Services


OCYF - Zebulon Pike Youth Services Center

Opening Date


Closing Date

12/11/2023 11:59 PM Mountain


Determined by Position

Primary Physical Work Address

1427 W. Rio Grande, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80905

FLSA Status

Non-Exempt; position is eligible for overtime compensation.

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Department Information

This position is open to current Colorado residents only.

Please note: This recruitment may be used to fill multiple vacancies.

Most State of Colorado employees are eligible for a great benefit package! Please see the Supplemental Information section below for details! (

About Division of Youth Services - Zebulon Pike Youth Services Center

This work unit exists to provide for the direct care (e.g. mentor, model, teach, train, support, counsel, advise, supervise, observe, record, document, report, intervene, monitor or otherwise act as a prudent parent), safety and security of both male and female pre-adjudicated or adjudicated youth in Division of Youth Services custody using a trauma responsive approach. The unit exists to provide 24 hours, seven day a week care and supervision of youth in secure residential placement covering work assignments ranging from Admissions and Control, school and day programming, and detention, assessment, and commitment (long term treatment) living units.

The Division of Youth Services (DYS) is committed to hiring individuals who are professional and passionate about their desire to help youth. DYS values candidates who have demonstrated perseverance as a special attribute that can help the youth in our care. DYS encourages qualified candidates with "lived experience" to apply. Lived experience comes from the personal knowledge and understanding that many possess by virtue of first-hand experience with mental health, substance abuse, systems involvement and traumatic events. Lived experience brings unique knowledge, insights and perspectives that are invaluable for organizational growth, increased sensitivity to the youth and families we serve, and new ideas and inspiration for improving service delivery.

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Description of Job

This position provides 24-hour/7 days per week supervision of youth in DYS State Operated Secure Facilities. This position is direct-care and essential. To maintain safety and security through appropriate supervision of youth, to organize and direct daily living and leisure activities of youth, in accordance with the living unit master schedule, shift supervisor and/or other administrative direction. Provide corrective cognitive, emotional or behavioral experiences within a youth center program using a trauma responsive approach. To be aware of and adhere to prevailing legal standards, CDHS Policy, DYS Policy, DYS Audit Standards and youth center specific procedure. Specific duties and expectations of the job are detailed in the 5 sections below: Safety/Security; Programming; Documentation/Recording and Reporting; Training; and Organizational Accountability.

Safety/Security. Work involves providing the direct care, safety, security and supervision of adjudicated and/or pre-adjudicated youth in a secure setting. Supervision for safety is a function of appropriate staff location, mobility and continual observation of youth. Enforce established security rules and behavioral expectations with a youth or group of youths, supervise and direct daily living and leisure activities, orient youth to the unit/facility and agency rules and routines, intervene early in potentially, or actively, volatile situations. Provide immediate intervention in crisis situations. Employ sound judgment and emotional control when evaluating possible crises taking into consideration the physical and mental well-being of all youth and staff. Participate in defusing and debriefing of all incidents pursuant to prevailing DYS Policy. Monitor movement of youth on the unit or throughout the agency, escort and transport to activities or appointments internal and/or external to the agency. Conduct pat searches, personal searches, and full searches for contraband items in accordance with DYS Policy. Conduct searches of persons, property, or areas according to schedule or as needed. Identify, document, and seize contraband as directed or appropriate in accordance with DYS policy. Check windows, doors, all aspects of locking mechanisms, as well as youth center grounds and perimeter to minimize escape risk and promote safety. Inspect common areas and youth center living units to maintain health, safety and sanitation standards. Adhere to all Suicide Prevention Monitoring (SPM) Policies and Standards. Monitor and document SPM status, medical watches or other special observation status youth, in accordance with timeframes as noted on Room Check Sheet(s). Implement safety plans and behavior agreements for those youth at high risk of hurting themselves or others or demonstrating other serious behavioral concerns. Actively use effective communication skills, verbal de-escalation skills, use a strength-based approach, and interact with all youth and staff in a positive and respectful manner. Use conflict management and de-escalation skills and, in emergencies, when youth poses a serious, probable, imminent threat to self or others, use approved physical response techniques when all other interventions have failed. Place youth on seclusion pursuant to prevailing DYS Policy. Monitor, participate, support and enforce behavioral management plans for individual youth as directed (e.g. Behavioral Contracts, Individual Growth and Change Plans). Actively supervise youth to prevent sexual contact and sexual harassment and adhere to all PREA Policies and Federal Standards. Adhere to and reinforce established DYS rules, policies, and procedures and utilize proper protocols when responding to critical incidents, physical altercations, medical emergencies, fire drills and other incidents.

Youth Center Programming. Actively and with positive engagement, implement and follow the facility behavioral management program. Teach, coach, and redirect youth within the behavior management program and role model prosocial behavior at all times. Conduct problem solving, appreciation, pre/post activity groups, psycho-educational groups and individualized skill building as needed to support a safe environment conducive to learning and consistent with DYS behavioral expectations. Communicate expectations for behavior, events, rules, or other milieu requirements. Provide supervision and support of community transition/reintegration opportunities for youth. Use prevailing techniques to establish rapport with youth, overcome resistance to change, communicate more effectively in stable circumstances as well as unsettled circumstances. Support restorative community justice principles and/or activities. Facilitate psychoeducation, skill development, recreation and other youth groups and activities. Support DYS initiatives and strategies as they relate to juvenile programming and crisis intervention. Objectively and fairly monitor and record youth behaviors, as well as intervene according to prevailing program standards related to privileges and consequences. Follow the daily program schedule based on prevailing standards. Support treatment and case plan goals and objectives developed by the Behavioral Health and Medical Services unit. Recognize, implement, monitor, observe and document juvenile IGCP (Individual Growth and Change Plans in accordance with the written program. Recommend any modifications of program to supervisory and/or clinical staff. Facilitate and monitor the cleanup of living units and rooms, as well as inspect the youth center, according to daily schedule. Monitor and ensure youth hygiene is provided for according to prevailing procedure. Routinely and equitably distribute linen and clothing to ensure good hygiene practice. Make requests to ensure hygienic standards are met, as necessary. See that youth consume all hygienic resources wisely and limit wasteful uses by youth. Ensure youth are provided access to meals. Monitor meal provision and consumption in accordance with time standards. Document and/or record meals as required. Ensure that youth are provided confidential access to grievances, medical and behavioral health services as needed/requested. Distribute youth medications and document the distribution of medications as specified in DYS Policy. Support and respond to youth to meet their presenting needs and address their concerns appropriately. Uphold basic rights of juveniles pursuant to prevailing law or policy. Support and ensure that youth are provided access to recreation according to prevailing standards, youth physical condition, and daily program schedule. Provide orientation for newly admitted youth within 24 hours of admission according to prevailing orientation standards as assigned. Provide support to educational programming as requested and assigned.

Documentation/Recording and Reporting. Document observations of youth behavior and response to program(s). Complete documentation of facility and youth searches. Document all unit activities and relevant information on the daily shift log. Record Suicide Precaution Monitoring (SPM) and Special Management Program (SMP) Status and Medical Watch based on the assigned time intervals or frequency for the specific youth. Complete Extended Risk Assessment Forms as assigned by designated staff.

Document all youth group activities in the TRAILS database. Generate and document Incident Reports as required by DYS Policy. Notify and complete all forms relevant to youth incident reports. Observe and document youth behaviors on seclusion status. Report and document any physical plant deficiencies or safety concerns.

All staff must report known or suspected incidents of abuse as mandatory reporters pursuant to State statute. Review and record all legal documentation and record required information in the youth’s file (hard copy) and the TRAILS database. Inventory and record youth property during admission, any or all releases and any other access or change to that property. Document the receipt and release of all youth medication(s) as appropriate. This documentation shall include the notification of all internal and external parties. Generate and record all VINE information in the TRAILS database, unless otherwise directed. Complete and record accurate youth room classification information pursuant to DYS Policy. Notify and communicate all relevant youth information to the receiving unit staff. Complete, record and provide all necessary youth information on the Critical Information Advisement form and provide to all receiving parties. Ensure required suicide risk assessments are completed within two hours of admission for all newly detained and committed or recommitted youth. Notify and complete all forms relevant to High Profile youth admissions.

Organizational Accountability. Through all communications and behaviors employee demonstrates, supports, and contributes to a healthy, positive and respectful cultural climate throughout the facility. Communicates with internal/external customers, residents, subordinate staff, and co-workers in a professional manner; communicating with respect and dignity. Adhere to the CDHS Code of Conduct and 7 Commitments and support the 5 Key Strategies. Be aware of and adhere to prevailing legal standards, CDHS Policy, DYS Policy, DYS Audit Standards and Implementing Procedures. Adheres to CDHS, DYS Policy, and Youth Center Implementing Procedures regarding work schedule, timekeeping, and leave practices. Complete other duties as assigned and follow supervisor’s requests and directives within Colorado Revised Statutes, CDHS and DYS Policies and Procedures.

Training. Attend and actively participate in all assigned training and successfully complete any/all testing or other requirements for such training. Maintain required certifications as appropriate. Successful completion may be known or recorded by score or demonstration of skill. Meet and keep current all mandatory training pursuant to prevailing DYS Policy. Successfully complete DYS Pre-Service, Facility Training and Orientation process as a new employee. Maintain and support the Division’s prevailing behavior management and intervention strategies.

Other Duties as Assigned

Minimum Qualifications, Substitutions, Conditions of Employment & Appeal Rights

* Please read the entire job announcement and follow all of the instructions prior to completing the application. You must provide documentation to be given credit for it. There will be no exceptions on timelines to provide documentation. All documentation must be uploaded- this is the first evaluation in the selection process*


Applications will be reviewed to determine if you meet the minimum qualification for the position. If it is determined that you meet the minimum qualifications, your application will also be used as part of the examination process. You should ensure that your application specifically addresses the requirements as listed in the minimum and preferred qualifications, as well as the job duties and the highly desired competencies. Take the time to adequately address your specialized experience, work products, and accomplishments as they relate to the position.


Education and Experience:

High school diploma or General Education Diploma, (GED).



These positions are not sedentary positions. Employees are typically on their feet during the entire shift. Youth living quarters are located on multiple levels and employees must frequently climb stairs in the performance of job duties. Please take into account your physical ability in relation to the essential job duties when applying for job.

Employees must also be willing and able to physically intervene with assaultive youth.

Preferred Qualifications:

College education in a behavioral health and or juvenile justice related field.

Experience working with adjudicated and/or detained youth within a secure residential facility and/or a behavioral health setting;

Experience facilitating psychoeducational groups; Education/experience working with adolescents who have trauma;

Experience working with youth in positive leadership roles, such as mentoring and coaching.

Experience utilizing verbal de-escalation and motivational techniques.

Highly Desirable Competencies

  • Skilled in conflict management.

  • Strong work ethic, integrity and dependability.

  • Sound judgment and decision making skills.

  • Self control, composure and the ability to manage stressful situations.

  • Ability to verbally communicate clearly and willingness to do so respectfully

  • Ability to identify and act on changes, inappropriate activity, hazards or potential security breaches and verbally communicate pertinent information.

  • Ability to study information and recount events in a written, factual, concise, and legible method.

Work Environment:

Employees are required to work shift hours. This includes evening, night, weekend and holidays. Shifts may vary between agencies and may include eight (8) hours, ten (10) hours, or twelve (12) hours in duration. Mandatory overtime may be required. Day shift work is not usually available. As a YSSI, your position is considered essential and you may be required to report to work during inclement weather.

Conditions of Employment:

  • Full Background - CDHS employees (all Direct contact with vulnerable persons):

CBI name check and fingerprint check, ICON Colorado court database, Medicare fraud database, Reference Checks, Professional License verification (licensure requirements), Drug Screen, PREA (Division of Youth Services), Trails check (direct contact with children), CAPS (direct contact with adults – Mental Health Institutes, Regional Centers, Veterans Community Living Centers).

  • Be a minimum of 21 years of age, with no felony convictions or history of domestic violence

  • Must possess a valid, unrestricted U.S. Driver's License

  • Shift Work - Subject to assigned shifts

  • Travel – Transportation of youth in state vehicles, Travel to assigned trainings and/or alternate work sites.

  • Continued employment is contingent upon successful completion of the DYS Pre-service Training Academy, Field Training Program (FTO) and mandatory annual training in all subject areas.

  • Former State employees who were disciplinarily terminated or resigned in lieu of termination must (1) disclose that information on the application (2) provide an explanation why the prior termination or resignation should not disqualify the applicant from the current position, (3) provide the employee number from the applicant’s prior State employment. Absent extraordinary circumstances, prior disciplinary termination or resignation in lieu of termination and failure to provide this information will disqualify the applicant from future State employment with CDHS.


If you receive notice that you have been eliminated from consideration for this position, you may file an appeal with the State Personnel Board or request a review by the State Personnel Director.

An appeal or review must be submitted on the official appeal form, signed by you or your representative. This form must be delivered to the State Personnel Board by email (, postmarked in US Mail or hand delivered (1525 Sherman Street, 4th Floor, Denver CO 80203), or faxed (303.866.5038) within ten (10) calendar days from your receipt of notice or acknowledgement of the department’s action.

For more information about the appeals process, the official appeal form, and how to deliver it to the State Personnel Board; go to ; contact the State Personnel Board for assistance at (303) 866-3300; or refer to 4 Colorado Code of Regulations (CCR) 801-1, State Personnel Board Rules and Personnel Director's Administrative Procedures, Chapter 8, Resolution of Appeals and Disputes, at under Rules.

Supplemental Information

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The Assessment Process

For additional recruiting questions, please contact araceli.diaz

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